Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I bring?

  • *Wear Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • *Water/Drink
  • *Sunglasses/Hat
  • *Footwear (aqua shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc)
  • *Towel
  • *Change of clothes (optional)
  • *Sunscreen (Please apply well before departure time to avoid slippery hands)

2. Will I get wet?

    Yes, you will get wet. We use self-bailing, sit-on-top kayaks that allow a certain amount of water into the boat.

3.  What is the minimum number of people for a trip?

  • We have NO minimum number of guests per trip. We pride ourselves in providing personalized, individual attention to small groups.

4.  Do I need advanced reservations?

  • Reservations are highly recommended. We offer same day, flexible scheduling, at a first come first serve basis. All activities are by appointment only.

5. Are there any age restrictions?

There is no age restrictions. All activities are conducted on flat water environments suitable for all ages.

6. Tandem vs. single kayak?

  • Tandems are a good fit for couples, siblings, and parents with young children.

7. Do I need any prior experience?

  • No, beginner or novice, everyone receives paddling instructions and basic kayak training before we launch. The guide is always there to help you.

8. Should I bring a camera?

  • There is no need to bring a camera, or any electronic device. We will take photographs during the entire trip and feel free to ask for any picture you would like. The pictures will be available online, for free, within 48 hours of your tour or less.



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