Guided Tour Rates

Guided Tour Rates

**All tours are conducted by reservation for date, time and tour location. Same day service is available. Reservations are required.

**Adventures are guided tours and include all of the equipment for the tour (kayak or paddleboard, paddle and life vest), a paddle demonstration, information about the area, and photography (tour pictures are free to download and share).

**Guided Tour Launch Locations: West Neck Creek, Back Bay, Northwest River, Smith Creek, Dismal Swamp, Merchants Millpond, Smith Island/Eastern Shore and Knotts Island/Carova. See the Kayak Adventure Pages for more information on each location.

2.5 hour-                             $50/person

Half Day-                             $75/person

Full Day-                              $100/person

Eastern Shore-                      $115/person

Click on the Map Marker to get directions from your location.


This was our first kayaking experience and I would definitely do it again!!! The instruction was clear and the site was really beautiful. Very much worth the money!

–Lori, Tupelo, MS, July 2014

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