Guided Tour Rates

Guided Tour Rates

**All tours are conducted by reservation for date, time and tour location. Same day service is available. Reservations are required.

**Adventures are guided tours and include all of the equipment for the tour (kayak or paddleboard, paddle and life vest), ACA certified guide, paddle demonstration, information about the area, and photography (tour pictures are free to download and share).

**Guided Tour Launch Locations: Blackwater Creek, North Landing Natural Area Preserve, Northwest River Natural Area Preserve, The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Merchants Millpond, Smith Island/Eastern Shore. See the Kayak Adventure Pages for more information on each location.

2.5 hour-                             $50/person

Half Day-                             $75/person

Full Day-                              $100/person

Eastern Shore-                      $115/person


This was our first kayaking experience and I would definitely do it again!!! The instruction was clear and the site was really beautiful. Very much worth the money!

–Lori, Tupelo, MS, July 2014

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