Dismal Swamp/Lake Drummond (Chesapeake)

Great Dismal Swamp Canal/Lake Drummond (Chesapeake)

Paddle the Great Dismal Swamp Canal, Chesapeake, VA to the Feeder Ditch all the way enjoying wildlife often only to be seen in this dense cypress swamp mostly untouched by humans. When we reach the Spillway we pull up the kayaks and take a break for lunch/snack. Enjoy the sounds of complete nature. After we pull the boats into the other side of the Spillway, Lake Drummond greets you at the end of the canal. Lake Drummond is a majesty all of its own.

“Wonderful Guided Tour”

This was already my 3rd trip with Adventure Kayak Tours and again, I had a blast.
Kevin was (again) very well prepared and extremely friendly. He explained the history of our surroundings and made sure we could follow him without any problems. We felt very well taken care of and save with him as a guide.
Looking forward to the next time!

–Andy, Chesapeake, VA

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